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But if you are specifically looking for information regarding the professional background of Dr. Paul Frohna then you just have to find the right website. Dr. Paul Frohna is an experienced physician and scientist who specializes in areas like clinical trial design, clinical pharmacology, regenerative medicine, drug safety, clinical trial design and transnational medicine.

For many years, he has been working to be able to provide contributions to clinical pharmacology and biotherapeutics. In 2001, he started as a Medical Directory for Biotherapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology where he worked for three years. Later on, he became the Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Department of CV Therapeutics. Because of his continuous dedication to work, he later became the Interim Vice President at FibroGen Inc. where he worked for one year. His career continuously to become successful since he is now the Chief Medical Officer of ProFibrix, Inc. for more than two years. Aside from that, he is also the Principal of Frohna Biotech Consulting for three years and nine months. 

Dr. Paul Frohna has indeed made a lot of contributions to his field. For sure, he was able to help many patients because of his expertise and knowledge in clinical pharmacology and other related fields. And so, online users who want to get to know more about Dr. Paul Frohna can easily find the information that they need.

Paula Zimmerman
9/30/2013 04:29:25

Liked your post on Xi'an China and the biotech industry in China.

9/30/2013 04:43:12

The terra cotta warriors and the ancient skeletons are really cool! Need to go to Xi'an, China the next time you go!!

10/7/2013 06:31:27

Thanks Jenny. Definitely should go and see these for yourself!

9/30/2013 04:44:28

New website looks really good. How's business? We have a project or 2 that might be up your alley. Give me a buzz one of these days when you have time, Best, Jim

9/30/2013 06:51:50

Enjoyed meeting you at the translational medicine meeting in Chicago. Are you going to be publishing your research?

10/4/2013 06:53:27

Love your stories. Please post some more with photos. Best, K

10/4/2013 07:04:27

Keep up the good work!

10/4/2013 09:50:54

love the China photos

10/5/2013 10:21:09

Great oncology talk at the translational medicine conference in Chicago.

10/7/2013 02:36:15

The golf video is priceless!!

10/7/2013 03:58:34

When's your next update on the clinical trial results?

10/7/2013 05:19:22

Writing up the manuscripts now. hope to be in press soon. thx


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